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Kayak/Paddleboard/Small Craft Storage

Launch Ramp Kayak/Paddleboard/Small Craft Storage
Marina Bay Yacht Harbor has limited storage space for paddle craft and small, hand-launchable, non-motorized sailboats & dinghies under 16’ in length.  Contact us for availability.

  • Vessels over 16’ (17’ including trailer/dolly) are not eligible.
    • Vessels on road trailers or dollies MUST be under 17’ overall including the tongue of the trailer. Catamarans such as Hobie 16 and larger, by definition will not fit if stored on a road trailer. Catamarans may fit if stored on a beach dolly with the rudders removed (as long as the total length is 17′ or less).
  • Vessels too heavy to launch by hand (ie those requiring a car or truck to launch) are not eligible.
  • Storage space is limited to hand or wind powered vessels only; motor powered vessels are not eligible.

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Small Craft Storage

Small Craft Storage

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