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Pricing & Availability (Map)

A selection of some of our available slips:
(scroll down to view E Dock or F & G Docks)

D Dock



E Dock




F & G Docks



Maps of each dock are available HERE.

If you wish to apply for an available slip, please submit a Berth Application.  This is a representative sample of available slips, if the slip shown here is no longer available there is usually another, similar slip nearby that is.  If you don’t see a suitable slip for your vessel, please contact the Harbor Office for current availability.



  • Berth rate is based on actual overall length of the vessel (including all projections) or the berth, whichever is greater. Final rental amount will be determined when the boat arrives and is measured by marina personnel.  Vessel overhangs are normally limited to two (2) feet or less.
  • The security deposit will hold the slip for up to 30 Days after which the boater is responsible for the full berth rent.  Reserving a slip for longer than 30 Days is at the discretion of the marina.
  • All paperwork must be completed and fees & deposits paid upon move in.

Berthing Application